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Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers!
Pierre Durand, who is one of our super photographers, sent me the following link to some photos he took at the fun fly yesterday.
Great work, Pierre, thank you for this!

The fun fly that Yvon put together was a resounding success and Al Bergen your secretary, manned the tent where he looked after the Airdrie Food Bank donations and stuff. As soon as he gets the final tally on what our total donation was, I’ll let you know but is was a great success also!
Thanks to all those members that volunteered to make this venue a success! the contest Judges, field Marshalls, ticket sellers. Please pardon me if I have missed mentioning anyone but I think you all know and chatted with them yesterday.
Gerald Melanson’s maintenance group did a super job on preparing our field for this event, THANK YOU, guys!
The food preparation and masterful cooking was done, once again, by none other than our very own culinary artists, Wayne Fras, your VP and Rob Nurse. What a super job they did and they even cleared everything up afterward!!  Those wonderful European wieners and Smokies, donated by Wayne Hollman / European Deli & Produce Market, went very quickly (due to ”seconds and thirds”) and I have no problem whatsoever putting his company’s name out there, thanks a whole bunch Wayne!
What a great club we have! Give yourselves a pat on the back too! Good old ”Mom” Nature even blessed us with super weather, so give her a big thanks also!!!!!!!! ...boy, a lot of exclamation marks, eh?!
Now down to some serious business-
Our sponsors of these fun fly’s deserve your business! They go to great expense to give us gift certificates, models, accessories and a whole bunch of help and advice, not to mention a place to can go for spare parts you need for flying thing that ...that you may purchased from Singapore or wherever, to save a few bucks. AMAS is very thankful and dedicated to our local hobby shops for being there when we need them the most.
Our sponsors are always, in alphabetical order:
Action Hobby, Canada Ltd.- 7012 OGDEN RD. S.E. CALGARY AB 403-236-5098
Model Land LTD.- 3409A 26 AVE. S.W. CALGARY AB 403-249-1661
PM Hobbycraft Ltd.- 2020J 32 AVE N.E. CALGARY AB 403-291-2733 
Thank you for your tremendous support of our clubs functions and all the other clubs that are involved in this amazing hobby of ours, huge KUDOS!!
Here is Pierre’s link to his collection of photos, Thanks again, Pierre!

Please check pictures from previous events in our galleries.

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